Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thinking About Becoming a Thirty-One Gifts Consultant?

Our Team is building nationwide and there are still many states that do NOT have very many Consultants in them! This is a fabulous opportunity for anyone who wants to really benefit from "being the first" in their area!

Although there is room in EVERY state for more Thirty-One Gifts Consultants, there are many states that are waiting for someone like YOU to join Thirty-One and bring our wonderful company and product line into your local area!

Our Team will be building in many of these open states by attending shows and expos and we are LOOKING FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU TO GIVE THE LEADS TO!!!

Call us directly at 614-656-1555 and let us know you are interested in joining our Team, or go to and sign up directly on the site!

Take a look at our Thirty-One Gifts Map and see for yourself how many Consultants are in your state! Thirty-One Map!

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